Vendor / Service Provider - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a service provider for
The only way to become a vendor with is to sign up using our service provider application form : here. In order to login in you should use the email address you used to sign up and click the link at the top of that page to get your password. This cannot be changed.
How do I know if I'm already in your system?
If you've received the confirm email that you've been accepted, then you are in our system and there is nothing else you have to do (please see below regarding when you'll receive calls). If you are still unsure if you are in the system, you can try to submit another application, and if you are already in there it will notify you of this fact.
Where do I upload my insurance documents?
Insurance documents should be uploaded via the membership portal here. Once you have been accepted, you should upload your insurance documents via the membership portal. After that, there is nothing else that needs to be done. Depending upon your prices, and when the next breakdown occurs in your area, you will be eligible to receive calls from our dispatchers when a member of ours needs assistance.
What are the minimum insurance coverage levels required to be a vendor at
Please find the minimum coverage levels required by all vendors below:

I am awaiting on status of my Application
If you have submitted your application there are only three outcomes. If your prices are competitive, you'll receive a confirmation that your application has been received and that is all you have to do (you can also submit your insurance documents via the vendor portal). Aside from that, all there is left to do is wait until we have a breakdown in your location. If your application has been denied, then you can opt to reduce your prices and submit again. If you get the message that you are already in our system, then there is nothing else you need to do.
When will I receive roadside calls?
Once you are in our system, you will be eligible and appear for our dispatchers to use whenever there is a breakdown in your location. Because of the unpredictable nature of the location and type of breakdowns, there is no guarantees as to how often or even if your services will be needed at your locations. Some factors that contribute to whether or not our dispatchers will use you for a given dispatch include the competitiveness of your prices, proximity to the breakdown, your operating hours, range of services, and quality of services (if we've used you in the past).
How can I change my prices after I have been accepted?
Once the prices have been submitted, they can not currently be updated. Please do not call or email to ask about this, what will happen is if we use you for a call, our dispatchers will update your prices at that time. We are currently working on a section of our membership portal that will enable you to update the prices, but currently that is not an option.
How can I get more calls from
Before submitting, you can get more calls by having competitive prices in your area. If you are the most expensive vendor in the area, it will be less likely that you'll receive calls. As mentioned above, you cannot currently update your prices after the fact, but this feature is coming soon. Aside from that, vendors that we use in any area that our members have very positive experiences with (factors include ETA, price, helpfulness, and overall experience), these vendors can get marked internally as 'preferred vendors', and will receive more calls. This can only happen after we've used you.
Can I speak to someone regarding becoming a service provider?
No, currently the process is handled 100% online.
I submitted my application / emailed / called and have not heard back.
Questions that are answered here in the frequently asked questions will not be replied to via email/phone. Please make sure to thorough read everything on this page, and on the application page as the answers for the majority of the questions can be found here.
How do I get set up in multiple locations?
If you service multiple areas around the same area (e.g. surrounding cities of a given location), then there is nothing else you need to do. In the rare case where you have multiple (far away) locations that you provide services to (for example a California 'base', and a Florida 'base'), then you can submit each separately only in that scenario, with different phone numbers.
Having problems logging into the portal.
Make sure you are logging into the VENDOR portal, and not attempting to login to the MEMBER portal. The vendor portal is located here. In order to log in you should use the first link at the top of the page to request a password, along with the email address that you used to sign up. Once you have the password, you can log in to upload your insurance documents (this is currently the only option in the portal, will be expanded soon).
On the application, what does Flat Call Out Fee, and Hourly Labor Rate mean?
If you charge BOTH a flat fee for every call, AND you charge an hourly labor rate you would need to enter both of these values. If you ONLY charge an hourly rate, then you would enter ONLY the hourly labor rate (this is what you would charge us/the customer / not what you pay your employees!). If you ONLY charge a flat rate for a given service type (for example, if you charge the same thing, flat, for all jump-starts, then you would ONLY enter the flat call out fee.
How can I be removed as a vendor?
If for some reason you would like to no longer receive calls from or have gone out of business, you can use our contact form here to request removal. Please make sure to include the full business name, phone number, and location and we will remove you.
How can I change my portal password?
No, the portal password cannot currently be changed. At the time of writing, currently the vendor portal only has the option for you to upload your insurance documents, so after you have completed that, you should not need to access the portal again.
Does getting accepted guarantee I will receive business?
No, although most will, there are some highly competitive areas where if your prices aren't better than vendors in your area we currently use, there is a possibility that you will receive few calls. On the other hand, vendors that are competitive and provide great service when they are called upon are much more likely to receive business with every breakdown that occurs in their area.
We offer light duty services, can I become a vendor?
All of our vendors need to be able to provide service to heavy duty vehicles. If you are able to provide SOME services to heavy duty (for example, you provide lock-out/jump-start services for heavy duty, but not towing/mobile mechanic), then you should ONLY include those prices when filling out your application.
I completed a service call for one of your members, and am calling to receive payment.
Our dispatchers will be happy to provide payment, simply call our main phone number, 1-800-395-4908, let us know which call you are calling about, and we will take care of it. Thanks!
I can't find my member number / service provider number / email address used to sign up.
If you signed up as a vendor and upon submitting got an accepted message after, then you are accepted and you do not have to do anything else. Vendors DO NOT have a member number, or a service provider number (you are probably trying to login to the member portal, and not the vendor portal... to access the vendor portal, click here.. The only thing in this portal is the ability to submit your insurance documents currently.
I only offer one service, can I still sign up?
Yes, even if you ONLY offer one of the services listed (for example ONLY lock-outs or jump-starts), please do still sign up. Most important thing is that you can service heavy-duty vehicles. The way our system works is it finds the vendor based upon the breakdown type of our members. So if we have a member that needs a jump-start in your area, and you only do jump-starts, you have the same chances of getting the business as another vendor who does everything. Selection will be based on price / proximity to the breakdown / quality of service. So if you only offer one (or two) services, you can just say 'no' on the application to everything BUT that service.
I've submitted my insurance, but I still see 'upload insurance documents' link.
This is normal, once you've submitted your insurance documents, you don't have to do anything else. The link will still allow you to submit a newer one, just in case you ever change insurance or get a new policy, that will allow you to load in your new one. But rest assured that once you've submitted it, you are good to go.
Does always pay 100% of the bill for customers?
No not always. There will sometimes be overages which a member is responsible for, and we cover our portion (for example, we might cover the call out fee, but the member is responsible for the labor/parts).