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Roadside Masters gave me excellent service. I was really satisfied with the service for the time I was in business.
- Minor, Camacho Trucking
I have been with roadside masters since October 2013 and I have used their services twice. They have been very helpful and professional with their service. I would highly recommend them to you. It is the best insurance I have. It gives me peace of mind any where I am. Thanks Roadside Masters.
Roadside Masters... have saved us over 7000.00 in towing expenses per year. Response time is terrific as they are one of the only companies I have dealt with over the years who respond to me day or night and their dispatch service has hundreds of tow companies to choose from to help you get back on the road in all areas of the country. - Godfrey Inc
I have saved so much money by joining Roadside Masters! Before joining, I was a victim of predatory practices...Thank you Roadside Masters. - Dwayne Mckay,Amerit Trucking
I just wanted to say thank you for offering this service. I like to think of it as an excellent service that I hope I never have to use! From towing to bringing fuel to me, one time use and it pays for itself! Thanks again!
- Earl R Milroy Jr., "Bugsy"
I think it is Terrific. I have had to use it twice, and it has been a life saver. Any Driver that does not have this service needs to get it right away. It is the smart thing to do. The cost is well worth it. Actually, it is more of an investment then a cost.
- Thomas Bancroft, CR England
I have spent less on signing up my 10 trucks compared to my previous roadside costs for 3 of my trucks the year before. I receive better service and get back on the road quicker now, I love this program. I am renewing all of my trucks now AND adding more trucks!
- Erik, Safari Express
I am very happy with the service, fast response time, in less than an hour my truck was back up and running.
- Donald, CR England
The people at Auto Knight are very nice and helped me find the most affordable price, I am already saving money!
– Alexis, CR England
I called roadside assistance when my clutch went out; within 30 minutes a tow truck was on-site and towed my truck 30 miles to the dealership. No fuss, no muss. The service paid for itself in the first use!
– Mr. Price, CR England
I am very satisfied with the service! They were accurate on timing, service arrived within 20 minutes, and they were polite, courteous and on-time!
– Truck # 97885, CR England
Great service! Didn't have to wait long at all. Wait time was minimal, the dispatch process was easy and the customer service was great. I appreciate it!
- Mr. Huff, CR England
The dispatcher was so polite and helpful; he kept calling to assure that everything was fine. I really appreciated it, everything went smoothly.
- Mr. Clayton, CR England
I called dispatch because I needed a winch out of the sand. Dispatch was very helpful, got my GPS coordinates and within 45 minutes to an hour they had us pulled out and my student and I were back on the road! Thank you.
- Nicholas Cash, CR England
Very courteous, nice and time sufficient. I didn't have to wait long for the towing company at all, and they were courteous too. The whole process didn't even take 35 minutes from beginning to end. Everyone was courteous, I appreciate it!
- Mr. White, CR England
I saw the ad in OOIDA and thought how could I go wrong even if I never used it,the peace of mind that I had someone to call 24/7 was worth the small fee. Since then I needed a jump start and tire replacement. No one should be without it! - Ronco
I can confirm that I have dealt with Roadside Masters, Nationwide Truck and Trailer Breakdown Services since April, 2010. I confidently recommend Roadside Masters as a solid and reliable supplier of roadside assistance, experts in their field. Thank you.
- Garnet Lund, Lund Trucking
I am very satisfied with the roadside assistance program, they have helped me out a couple of other times, they're quick and responsive.
- John Bartolomei, Bartolomei Trucking
I am grateful, appreciate it and love it! The service has more than paid for itself! Thank you. - Wendy Le Beau, Yellow Box Company, LLC
I was broken down in the middle of nowhere in West Virginia at 10:00 p.m. I called Roadside Masters and a tow truck arrived within one hour and hauled me to a repair shop. What money I saved using Roadside Masters.
- JBret McClary, O/O of RB Ranch Transport

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