Review the latest Membership Handbook for each type of Membership thoroughly for the full details of the Emergency Roadside Assistance service benefits and limitations. (The handbook download page is password protected. Please contact for the login information to access the handbooks).


Dealership Program

The number one reason why dealerships offer roadside assistance membership to their customers is to enhance customer satisfaction. With membership programs, we offer that and more.

Why Your Customers Would Choose Us

Emergency Roadside Assistance in the heavyduty segment is specialty. We cover class 1-8 commercial vehicles and personal vehicles. Our customers include many of the TOP 100 fleets, owner-operators, insurance companies, insurance agents, freight brokers, a variety of associations, load boards, dealerships, many of whom have joined our Affiliate Program. Over the years, we have grown our business to be the nations largest mechanical breakdown solution in the USA and Canada for vehicles in the heavy-duty segment.

From first hand experience, the top 4 most in-demand services requested by our customers continues to be:

Up to 50 mile truck & trailer towing together

One of the longest mileages offered for heavy-duty trucks. AND having the ability to tow both the tractor and trailer together when needed, a huge bonus for any trucker in the business. Not only that we offer 75 miles towing Free for Bus and RV Motorhomes.

Flat tire assistance

With miles and miles transporting goods on a daily basis, tires are typically first to go. We offer 4 types of tire assistance under our program. Flat Tire assistance (removal of the flat and replaced with the spare), Tire Replacement Service (we call and deliver a replacement tire), and Tire Repair (a roadside tire repair for a mounted tractor tire). In addition we have a stand-alone trailer only tire program, that truckers can take advantage of.

Mobile mechanic

When your business means being on the road 24/7, our members appreciate our mobile mechanic service. Where the disablement can be resolved roadside, in lieu of towing. City or highwway we got our members covered!


Battery Failure may occur to a driver when they least expect it. Having access to our Jump-start service helps them get back on the road faster.


These may be our top most in-demand services requested, however we offer much, much, more savings to our customers. For our members, our program basically pays for itself in savings. Check out our full list of membership benefits here.


Why Would A Dealership Choose Us?

Here's why you would consider joining our affiliate program:

Creation of tremendous new cash flow.

The ability to embed our Roadside Assistance Coverage into the financing of the vehicle, giving your customers nationwide emergency roadside assistance for the duration of the loan.

Improve customer loyalty, not only that, they will save money, appreciate you and further value your relationship, and be repeat customers that are more likely to refer you to a freind.

Offering roadside assistance can differentiate you from your competitors. It can be an attractive selling point for potential customers who are comparing different dealerships. Many customers consider roadside assistance as a valuable service when purchasing a vehicle, especially when dealing with larger vehicles like trucks, buses or RVs, that may have specific maintenance or towing needs.

Offering roadside assistance adds value to the overall customer experience. It gives customers peace of mind knowing that they have a support system available to them when they need it most within the United States and Canada. This additional service can make customers feel more satisfied with their purchase and view you as a trusted partner.


Overall a win/win situation for you, your customers and!



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